Wolfgang Van Halen Talks Reunion With Michael Anthony: “No Hatred, Animosity or Competition Between Us”

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Wolfgang Van Halen recently shared his experience of meeting Michael Anthony, the original bassist for VAN HALEN, after two decades. The encounter took place backstage at a concert in Las Vegas on December 8, 2023, for Wolfgang’s band, MAMMOTH WVH. Wolfgang, who succeeded Anthony as the bassist for VAN HALEN, described their reunion as heartwarming, emphasizing the absence of any hard feelings between them. He highlighted their mutual respect and admiration, countering any speculation about rivalry or animosity.

Wolfgang expressed his joy in reuniting with Anthony, likening it to a family gathering, attended by his mother Valerie Bertinelli and uncle Patrick, who have known Anthony longer. Following the concert, Wolfgang celebrated the reunion on social media, sharing photos and expressing affection for Anthony. Michael reciprocated with his own post, celebrating the concert and their long-awaited meeting.

In anticipation of the Las Vegas show, Wolfgang expressed excitement about meeting Anthony and his enthusiasm for a 2024 tour featuring Anthony, Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, and Jason Bonham, focusing on VAN HALEN’s music.

Reflecting on past criticisms he faced when joining VAN HALEN, Wolfgang discussed how he navigated negativity online, stressing that the backlash was more about fans’ loyalty to Anthony than personal dislike. He shared how understanding the full story led many to apologize, acknowledging their previous misconceptions.

Wolfgang also reminisced about his father, Eddie Van Halen’s, plans for a comprehensive VAN HALEN tour that would include all past and present members. Although the plan was ultimately unfulfilled due to Eddie’s health issues, Wolfgang cherished the idea of such a reunion tour, highlighting the deep connections and legacy within the VAN HALEN family.

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