ERIK GRÖNWALL explains why he Decided To Leave SKID ROW

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In March 2021, Erik Grönwall disclosed his battle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and has since made the tough decision to part ways with SKID ROW, aiming to dedicate his time towards a thorough recovery.

This morning, Grönwall, at 36, shared a heartfelt message on social media, expressing his departure from SKID ROW. He articulated that maintaining his health while fulfilling the demands of being the band’s frontman was increasingly challenging. The diagnosis in 2021, he says, granted him a newfound perspective, prompting him to prioritize health above all else. This introspection led to the realization that his current path did not align with his core values.

Grönwall’s recovery journey involved intensive treatments and a bone marrow transplant, which weakened his immune system, likening it to a child’s vulnerability to illness. This situation made it difficult to balance his health needs with the band’s rigorous schedule. Despite his love for SKID ROW and respect for its members, he decided that stepping down was necessary to honor his commitment to health.

He expressed his intentions to focus on his recovery, resume writing music, and finalize his autobiography. Grönwall also shared his gratitude towards those who supported his role in the iconic band and emphasized the importance of putting health first, a principle he pledged to uphold.

Following Grönwall’s departure, SKID ROW announced that Lzzy Hale of HALESTORM will temporarily fill in as the lead vocalist for upcoming shows. The band commended the achievements made with Grönwall and expressed their well wishes for his health and future endeavors. They also revealed plans to release a live album capturing this significant chapter in their history.

Grönwall reflected on his spiritual growth and the serendipitous turn of events that led him to join SKID ROW, drawing parallels to a cinematic narrative. He shared insights into his emotional journey, supported by his wife and the motivation of his son, which sustained him through his health struggles.

He concluded his reflections with a sense of gratitude for his experiences, emphasizing the perspective and happiness he gained, reaffirming his passion for music and life beyond his tenure with SKID ROW.

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