Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke sends fan thousands of Dollars after he asks for financial assistance

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Ronnie Radke, the lead singer of Falling in Reverse, recently performed a kind act for a fan, who in return moved the artist to tears with a deeply sincere “thank you” note.

During an intense online argument on platform X, Radke encountered a user who insulted him with harsh words. In response, the singer retorted, highlighting his affluent lifestyle and freedom from a conventional job, which allows him to engage online as he pleases. He mentioned receiving support from other bands and urged the critic to stop provoking him with offensive remarks.

During an online interaction, Brandon Brown responded to one of Radke’s tweets, highlighting the singer’s mention of his wealth. Brown seized the moment to ask for assistance with his credit card bill. Curious, Radke inquired about the amount of the debt, to which Brown revealed he owed $7,000. Generously, Radke stepped in and offered to contribute $2,000 towards it.

Brown later posted a heartfelt video on X, expressing his initial hesitation due to the overwhelming emotions he felt. He sincerely thanked Ronnie Radke, expressing disbelief that his comment had not only been noticed but also elicited a response. In the video, Brown conveyed his profound gratitude, emphasizing the significance of Radke’s gesture and recalling their past meetings during events with Escape the Fate and Falling in Reverse. Brown’s appreciation was palpable.

Touched by Brown’s message, Radke shared the post, admitting it moved him to tears and thanking Brown for his openness.

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