Ronnie Radke Supports David Draiman Amid Taylor Swift Controversy

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Ronnie Radke, the lead singer of the band Falling In Reverse, is upset about criticism they’re receiving for something that happened two years ago. In 2022, their important laptops were lost, and this was a big problem for their live concerts.

Eddie Trunk, who hosts a talk show, agreed with another singer, David Draiman from the band Disturbed, that too many artists rely on pre-recorded music in their shows. Trunk believes it’s really special when artists perform live music at their concerts.

Ronnie Radke didn’t like Trunk’s comments because Falling In Reverse was actually touring with Disturbed at that time. He was very direct and asked Trunk to apologize for not understanding real musicians.

David Draiman, in a different situation, praised pop singer Taylor Swift for her genuine music performances. At one of his concerts, he brought two young fans on stage and made a light-hearted comment about them choosing a rock concert over a pop concert. He quickly made sure everyone knew he respects Taylor Swift and her music.

The argument continued when Trunk criticized bands like Falling In Reverse for needing laptops to perform. Radke responded strongly, pointing out that even well-known bands sometimes don’t perform everything live.

The situation heated up when Radke accused Trunk of using fake crowd noise during a concert introduction. Sebastian Bach, another musician, found this amusing and challenged Radke to meet him and experience real rock and roll music.

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