Freddie Mercury’s favourite Led Zeppelin song: “I would say that Led Zeppelin are the greatest”

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Freddie Mercury, the iconic lead singer of Queen, was a force of nature in the rock ‘n’ roll scene. His stage presence and artistic flair were incomparable.

Though many have tried to emulate him, Mercury remains one-of-a-kind. Interestingly, if given a chance to step into the shoes of Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant for a night, Mercury wouldn’t have hesitated.

Both Queen and Led Zeppelin crafted distinct music, but Mercury and his fellow Queen members held Led Zeppelin in high regard. For instance, Queen’s ‘Now I’m Here’ was influenced by Led Zeppelin’s ‘Black Dog’.

Brian May, Queen’s renowned guitarist, once shared with Total Guitar that Led Zeppelin’s impact on Queen wasn’t just musical. He admired how Led Zeppelin managed their image, business, and stage performances with integrity.

Both Mercury and May shared an appreciation for Led Zeppelin. Mercury even went on record stating, “Led Zeppelin are the greatest. Their success was well-deserved.” He was particularly fond of Robert Plant, lauding him as one of the era’s most unique vocalists. Plant reciprocated the admiration, praising Mercury’s exceptional talent and onstage confidence.

Among Mercury’s top 25 songs, as curated by May and Queen’s drummer, Roger Taylor, was Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’. This song holds a special place in rock history, with both Robert Mercury and Plant considering it one of Led Zeppelin’s best creations.

After Mercury’s passing, a tribute concert at Wembley Stadium featured Robert Plant performing Queen’s ‘Innuendo’. Given Mercury’s fondness for ‘Kashmir’, a snippet of the song also made its way into Plant’s performance that day. It’s a testament to the mutual respect between two rock legends: Freddie Mercury and Led Zeppelin.

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