Richie Sambora Sets One Condition To Work With Jon Bon Jovi Again

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Richie Sambora recently shared insights into the potential for a Bon Jovi reunion during an appearance on ‘The Allison Hagendorf Show,’ where he discussed the band’s new docuseries, ‘Thank You, Goodnight.’ Expressing openness to rejoining the group, Sambora emphasized the significance for fans and the world at large:

“It’s not about money. It’s about bringing something special to the fans. The world could use it right now. However, Jon’s voice issues post-surgery are a concern. It’s a delicate situation.”

In an earlier interview, Sambora highlighted Jon Bon Jovi’s vocal challenges post-surgery as a significant hurdle for a reunion:

“I’m not sure if anyone has successfully recovered from that kind of operation. Physiologically, it’s a complex process. So, while I’m eager to return, Jon’s health is paramount. My new solo single, ‘I Pray,’ was almost meant for Bon Jovi. If Jon’s voice improves, I’m ready to rock. I’ve got songs.”

Despite their discussions, Sambora and Bon Jovi aren’t actively planning a reunion. However, they recently bonded over the band’s docuseries. Bon Jovi shared insights into their meeting during an interview with This Morning, emphasizing mutual respect and Sambora’s individual journey:

“Our recent time together was joyful. There’s no animosity. Richie’s chosen a different path. Being in a rock band isn’t a life sentence. He was there for 30 of the 40 years. Each step has shaped us.”

Regarding Sambora’s potential return, Bon Jovi remained pragmatic:

“The door is always open. Richie knows most of the songs, but it’s not a priority for either of us.”

Since Sambora’s departure in 2013, Phil X has filled the guitarist role in Bon Jovi. The band is gearing up for their third album with Phil X, titled ‘Forever,’ set for release on June 7, 2024.

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