GENE SIMMONS Says KISS’s Decision To Sell Catalog Was A ‘Natural Thing’ To Do

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Gene Simmons, the iconic bassist and vocalist for KISS, shared insights with People magazine on the band’s bold move to transfer its entire music catalog, image, and brand to Pophouse, a forward-thinking entertainment company based in Sweden. Describing the sale as a logical step forward, Simmons reflected on the inevitability of change and progression, likening it to nature’s law of evolution or extinction.

Although the exact financial details of the Pophouse transaction remain undisclosed, reports from Bloomberg and the Associated Press suggest a valuation over $300 million. Nonetheless, Simmons emphasized that the deal transcends monetary value, focusing instead on the joy of life and expressing gratitude for his fortunate circumstances.

In conversation with TMZ, Simmons also addressed KISS’s venture into digital performances, advocating for the embrace of artificial intelligence and technology in crafting futuristic concert experiences. Confirming that KISS will no longer tour traditionally, he teased groundbreaking plans in collaboration with Pophouse that promise to redefine live music.

Simmons revealed that KISS has been experimenting with advanced motion capture technologies, aiming to deliver a spectacle unlike anything previously witnessed, surpassing even the impressive ABBA avatar show in London. He hinted at revolutionary, multidimensional events that will astonish audiences with their scale and innovation.

Pophouse plans to leverage its creative prowess and storytelling capabilities to expand KISS’s fan base and explore new revenue opportunities. The company’s commitment to inclusivity and community engagement aligns with KISS’s longstanding relationship with its fans, promising a partnership that will continue to celebrate and evolve the band’s legacy.

Johan Lagerlöf and Per Sundin of Pophouse expressed their admiration for KISS’s enduring impact on music and popular culture, pledging to immortalize the band’s iconic presence and appeal to future generations. Their ambition is to create a lasting tribute to KISS’s adventurous spirit and visual flamboyance, enriching the band’s historical narrative while captivating new audiences.

The collaboration’s pinnacle will be the development of digital KISS avatars, ensuring the band’s perpetual presence in the music world. This initiative was previewed with a surprise avatar performance at KISS’s final Madison Square Garden show, hinting at the spectacular digital concert experience set to launch in 2027.

Paul Stanley, KISS’s lead vocalist and co-founder, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with Pophouse, viewing it as an opportunity to immortalize KISS’s legacy across diverse cultural landscapes. He envisions this alliance as an everlasting celebration of rock ‘n’ roll, promising to enchant both loyal followers and future fans with the enduring magic of KISS.

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