Interesting Reasons Why Rock Music is Better The Best

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Music has a lasting impression on most of us because of its impact on our minds and moods, and so has been done by rock songs. Evocative, evergreen, and often epoch-defining, the magic of rock songs has given a good shape to the musical landscape.

It Is legendary, complex, unique, and strange at the same time which is why there never will be songs that are more exceptional than rocks.

Whether it is a moment of war, love, rawness, or sex, rock songs grab those emotions and transcend them into something timeless. However, not only these elements make rock songs the best. So what are they?

Enormous fanbase

If you haven’t seen something crazy, just look at the fanbase, it’s ridiculous. Well, if we really have to compare the fanbase of rock, no other song genre comes even close.
The days of outrageous guitar riffs, big hair, tight spandex, and screams were just unparalleled. During the early time when rock songs were starting to rise, they got renowned throughout the world in an instant.
So popular that, there were very few people who didn’t listen to these songs. What’s more fascinating is that these songs were most popular in Mexico, with 51 percent of the population listening to them daily, fascinating isn’t it?
This came to happen only because of the greatest bands like Led Zeppelin, The Beetles, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and Queen including Bill Haley and His Comets which is apparently known as the first rock band to be ever created led to the legacy of rock to this point.
Just give it a thought, streaming would’ve killed off the Rock genre, but people still purchase the physical records. It was not quite amusing until Statista found that rock is positioned with 3rd rank in physical music just recently in 2020.
People are fazed after seeing 2.46 million concert attendance led by BTS, little did they know about 1944/45’s New Year’s Eve, the mass of the crowd then was totally absurd.
During that following year, a British singer performed a concert where over 3.5 million people were present succeeding to set a world record as the biggest concert in the history of the world to take place ever.
And it was who made it happen? It’s non-other than the legendary rock singer Rod Steward proving himself better than anyone else.
The information about the fandom of rock songs that I just provided is just a small page of a book, meaning there’s a lot more than just this.

It’s overrated

Submerged from a relatively simple blue/country mash-up, rock songs have developed massively that have dominated the entire world since the early 1940s.
The wild music genre became a massive hit when some fellow groups with unmatched instrumental skills and vocals started to make songs relating to daily life issues of people.
Perfection or being close to perfection is what makes something overrated and rock songs don’t miss any element to be called so. It is all over the collection of the greatest drummers, guitarists, bassists, and vocalists.
Over these few decades, rock songs have lasted a great impression on millions of people because of their minds and mood. Not only that, the song genre was so popular at the time that it reached the point where its craze was totally unstoppable.
This genre is something that is way too exceptional than any other song genre. These songs are pills that can cure your depression and help you get over the distress you’re going through. If taken in a positive way, everything about these kinds of music is mesmerizing.
We know the fact that the majority of people struggle to maintain a quality life and while doing so, they suffer from the hardest situations. And here rock songs play the most important role in the lives of people.
As I’ve mentioned earlier that the song genre mainly relates to the daily life of people, it helps its listeners to share their suffering with it.
Rock songs motivate their listeners by telling their listeners that everything is not ok but you have to move on, while also telling us that everything is fine when it’s not.
People listen to this song to make themselves feel that they are not the only ones who are suffering. Thus, they listen to it as it makes them feel good.
Different bands came up with the story of their own struggle and sufferings engraving it in the lyrics along with mind-blowing jamming of instruments making rock songs totally exceptional and mesmerizing.
The world of rock music is the world where you can vibe carefreely to make yourself feel better despite the absurd events that are taking place in your life. No wonder why this wild music is so underrated, it is the key to our happiness.

Less autotune more original

From powerhouse belters to multi-scaled singers accompanied by overwhelming versatility, the underrated male rock singers have left their impression in the history of rock music.
Words don’t often fail me but they do when I detail the greatness of the vocals of the rock singers. Most rock singers sing with their realistic vocals while performing on the stage.
The songs of this genre might have a lot of screams because of the wildness but a whole lot better voices in comparison to other song genres. Matter of fact, no other song genre can beat rock in terms of vocals because it’s insanely pure and original.
Well, a few rock singers also use autotunes but in extremely rare cases. Rather than pop and other music that is released full of autotunes nowadays, rocks are way too better because of how original and classic it actually is.
Talking about the vocals, among the top 10 vocalists of all time, you can see half of them are rock singers and no one can dare to deny this fact.
Moreover, rock singers like Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, and Robert Plants are the main reason why rock songs earned massive respect as a huge collection of extreme vocalists and none of them use autotune.
What’s more fascinating is that the legendary rock singer, Freddie Mercury was considered to be blessed with the greatest vocals by god himself.
It was so impactful that even the scientists researched and found out what made his vocals so unparalleled. Singers like him don’t need autotunes, they naturally have autotuned in their vocal cords.

It has the most versatile genre of music

From classic to rock and roll, rock music has a remarkable amount of sub-genres and all of those are exceptional of their own kind. There are so many of them that you would never expect.

It is closest to becoming ‘the most diversified’ and it is a matter of fact that all of us have realized. Not mentioning anything about the quality as I’ve already cleared it above, the fact stands that rock music has a lot to grant all of us whether it’s in the aspect of lyrics, structures, and atmosphere.

Among all the various kinds of sub-genres of rock music, the most appreciated or loved ones are rock n’ roll, classic rock, alternative rock, and progressive rock. Rock songs itself being a collection of various sub-genres can surround a wide range of influences and styles.

This means that it has something for every one of us within its subgenres. Notwithstanding what contemporary critics stated about the rock songs and their dislike for them they possibly couldn’t be more wrong.

The major subjects of rock don’t influence us to develop an interest in worshipping or rituals, it is not to glorify or create a negative impact on the youths. The main subject of rock is just the demonstration of the average human condition through music.

Divided into various sub-genres, rock music details the ups and downs of love life, the positive and negative sides of human progress, politics, friendship, human emotions, all the great things about living as well as the injustices that many of us suffer from.

Not only that it’s more like an expression of being free from oppression, wild fun times with friends, loss, and the founding of love, description of experiences whilst added on drugs, sad times, fighting for the right, and all the other crazy stuff.

While deeply thinking about this genre, the common themes are endless, anything and moment can be turned into a beautiful song which is the greatest attribute of this song.

The most impressive thing about the rocks songs is that it is a combination where one recalls previous memories while listening to them whether it was a good experience or bad.

At a time, rock songs were relatively simple, country mash-ups/blues has developed into an awesome monster over these 70 years.
It is a multi-tentacled subgenre beast with over 250 of them at last count which is why most people enjoy rock the most.

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