Jacoby Shaddix Supports Sebastian Bach For Skid Row Reunion

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Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach recently sparked speculation about Sebastian Bach rejoining Skid Row during a candid interview with 101 WRIF. Discussing Skid Row and Lzzy Hale’s recent involvement with the band, Shaddix shared his thoughts on the matter.

Expressing a desire for reconciliation, Shaddix extended a message to Bach, suggesting that it would be “cool” if the original Skid Row frontman returned to the fold. Advocating for unity and a return to rocking out together, Shaddix questioned why past conflicts couldn’t be set aside for the sake of the music.

The topic of Hale’s collaboration with Skid Row emerged following Erik Grönwall’s departure, with the band opting to enlist her vocal prowess for a series of upcoming gigs. Rachel Bolan, Skid Row’s bassist, explained that Hale’s selection was based on her undeniable talent and unique presence, rather than any other factors.

Despite initial plans being limited to a handful of shows, Hale herself expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration and hinted at the possibility of further involvement with the band in the future. Emphasizing her enjoyment and willingness to contribute, Hale remained open to the idea of a more permanent role, pending scheduling considerations and mutual agreement.

As discussions surrounding potential lineup changes continue to unfold, fans eagerly await any developments regarding the future of Skid Row and the possibility of a reunion with Sebastian Bach at the helm.

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