Jay Jay French: “IRON MAIDEN Refused To Play After TWISTED SISTER Because They Were Intimidated By Fan Reaction”

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In a recent episode of The French Connection Podcast, Jay Jay French, the guitarist from Twisted Sister, shared some intriguing stories from the world of rock concerts.

He recounted how, during a festival in Spain, Iron Maiden was scheduled to perform after Twisted Sister but opted out, using the excuse of needing to catch a show the next night.

According to French, this wasn’t an isolated incident – often bands didn’t want to follow Twisted Sister’s act, as their fans would continue to sing ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ during the next band’s performance.

He shared a particularly humorous incident from the same festival, where Twisted Sister was initially set to perform at 4 AM after a two-hour World Cup highlights show.

Not wanting this slot, French suggested making Whitesnake the headliner instead. This led to a series of changes, with David Coverdale of Whitesnake and eventually Queensryche being unwittingly promoted to the headliner position.

The aftermath saw Queensryche bewildered and frustrated, as Twisted Sister enjoyed the earlier slot and the last laugh.

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