Dee Snider Recalls How Motörhead’s Lemmy Saved Twisted Sister: “He Became Our Savior”

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Dee Snider fondly remembers a time when rock legend Lemmy Kilmister came to the rescue of Twisted Sister during one of their earliest UK gigs. In a chat with Vintage Rock Pod, Dee revisits the ’80s, a time when the metal community was less welcoming than it is now.

The backdrop was the Wrexham football stadium. Twisted Sister, known for their standout makeup, was about to make its UK debut. Given the era, wearing makeup was a big no in the metal scene.

Dee recounted their first-ever daytime performance and how the band contemplated not donning their signature makeup due to the backlash other bands had faced for wearing even a hint of it. They were about to face the crowd in the clear light of day, but the thought was daunting.

Enter Lemmy. He was roped in by Pete Way, who was producing Twisted Sister’s then-unreleased album “Under the Blade”. After Pete vouched for the band, Lemmy decided to step in. As Twisted Sister approached the stage, seeing a hostile crowd ready with bottles and cans, Lemmy stepped up and introduced them. That introduction changed everything. Instead of jeers, the audience gave the band a chance, and they were soon blown away by their performance.

Dee recalled the aftermath of that performance as one of the highlights of his career. The stadium echoed with chants of “TWISTED! SISTER!” even 10 minutes after their set concluded. And then, in a twist, Lemmy asked Dee to return the favor and introduce Motörhead, a move that stunned and honored the Twisted Sister lead.

In essence, it was a day when the legendary Lemmy bridged the gap, defying expectations, and highlighting the true spirit of rock and roll.

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