Joe Satriani Has a Special Guitar Amp Built To Replicate Eddie Van Halen’s Sound on VAN HALEN Tribute Tour

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In an interview with Australian Musician, Joe Satriani shared insights on his preparation for the summer 2024 tour with Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, and Jason Bonham, where they will celebrate VAN HALEN’s music.

Satriani discussed the challenges of emulating Eddie Van Halen’s signature guitar sound and style, noting differences in string gauge and tuning from his usual setup. He highlighted the importance of specific gear to achieve the iconic VAN HALEN sound, particularly the setup Eddie used in the mid-’80s, which Satriani aims to replicate with custom-built amplifiers from 3rd Power.

Satriani emphasized the need to balance fidelity to Van Halen’s original parts with his own guitar playing identity, acknowledging the unique aspects of Eddie’s playing style, such as his timing, vibrato, and use of tapping.

The tour, dubbed “The Best Of All Worlds,” will explore deep cuts from VAN HALEN’s catalog, alongside Hagar’s solo work and CHICKENFOOT songs. Satriani, Hagar, and Anthony have a history of collaboration, making this tour a significant homage to Eddie Van Halen’s legacy.

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