Sammy Hagar Reveals Alex Van Halen Declined His Invitation To Join Van Halen Tribute Tour With Joe Satriani

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Sammy Hagar, the ex-lead singer of Van Halen, recently shared his thoughts on Alex Van Halen’s reluctance to participate in any tribute concerts for Eddie Van Halen.

Speaking on “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk,” Hagar was questioned about the possibility of Alex joining “The Best Of All Worlds” before Jason Bonham’s involvement. Hagar expressed certainty that Alex is not interested in performing, noting Alex’s consistent avoidance of contact over the past five years.

Despite attempts to reach out through calls, texts, and emails, Hagar has received no response from Alex. He mentioned that Alex, unlike other band members, never played or jammed with anyone besides his brother Eddie. Hagar recounted how even during their time in Van Halen, while he and Mike would play in clubs on their days off, Alex would merely observe from the sidelines.

This behavior underscores Alex’s deep connection with his brother and is a possible reason for his current disinterest in performing.

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