Jon Bon Jovi Clarifies Misleading Comment About Affairs During Marriage

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Jon Bon Jovi recently set the record straight regarding his earlier comments about having “100 affairs” during his marriage. In an interview with The Guardian, the rock icon clarified that his words were a result of a slip-up in communication. He intended to convey that numerous women had pursued him, but he failed to complete the thought, making him sound arrogant.

Reflecting on his enduring marriage of 35 years, Bon Jovi expressed deep gratitude for his wife, Dorothea Hurley. He attributed their successful union to knowing each other since childhood and couldn’t imagine life any other way.

The controversy began when Bon Jovi openly discussed his past indiscretions in a prior interview with Independent, acknowledging that he hadn’t always been faithful. However, he emphasized that he had managed to preserve his home life despite succumbing to typical rockstar temptations.

Further fueling speculation, Hurley was notably absent from a special screening event, prompting rumors of her illness. Subsequently, Bon Jovi hinted at his colorful dating life, suggesting that being a rockstar naturally attracted plenty of attention from women.

Amidst the public scrutiny, Bon Jovi emphasized the mutual admiration and respect shared between him and his wife, asserting that their relationship thrives on trust rather than strict rules. He lauded Hurley as the cornerstone of their bond, referring to her as “the glue” that holds everything together.

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