Jon Bon Jovi Is Aware Of ‘2020’ Album Didn’t Have Hits But He Doesn’t Care

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Jon Bon Jovi and Conan O’Brien recently had a conversation on SiriusXM about Bon Jovi’s upcoming documentary series, ‘Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story.’ During this discussion, Bon Jovi delved into the challenges faced by his album ‘2020’ during the pandemic, stating:

“As long as I’m passionate… Our most recent album, ‘2020,’ was released into the chaos of COVID, without any promotion or touring opportunities. It was deeply reflective of current events.”

The album, which had plans for a U.S. tour, saw its promotional efforts thwarted by the pandemic. Jon Bon Jovi remarked on the album’s serious tone and its reception:

“The album tackled heavy subjects like George Floyd, the pandemic, and gun violence, leading to a lack of commercial hits. My audience wondered why, and it was because the songs mirrored the grim mood of those times.”

Four years on, Bon Jovi is preparing to launch a new album named ‘Forever,’ marking a departure from the grave topics of ‘2020.’ He expressed:

“That period was a chapter in my life, and I’m proud of the music it inspired. Now, feeling more uplifted, I’m excited to engage with the world again beyond my home.”

The album’s first single was introduced on March 14, accompanied by a teaser on X featuring fans enjoying Bon Jovi classics. Jon Bon Jovi shared his enthusiasm for ‘Forever’:

“I’m genuinely proud of this work. I believe it’s our best in two decades, and I’m confident the fans will embrace it. Bon Jovi Forever, indeed.”

Jon Bon Jovi also touched on his recovery from a significant vocal surgery, which has influenced the creation process of ‘Forever,’ working on “a song a day.” He hopes to return to performing extensive live shows.

Regarding touring, Jon Bon Jovi stated:

“The idea of touring is appealing, yet uncertain due to my recent surgery. I aim to fully recover to resume touring.”

The 2022 surgery was crucial for correcting a vocal cord issue that affected his singing. With ‘Forever’ set to release on June 7, 2024, the possibility of a supporting tour remains in question.

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