Jon Bon Jovi Flaunts Writing The Best ‘Wedding Song’

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In a heartfelt conversation with Access Hollywood, Jon Bon Jovi shared insights into the blossoming relationship between his son, Jake Bongiovi, and actress Millie Bobby Brown.

Jon Bon Jovi highlighted the couple’s mutual growth, stating, “They’re journeying through life hand-in-hand. We’re absolutely smitten with both of them. Their mutual understanding and commitment are something we wholeheartedly endorse. Both families are wonderful, and their dedication to their work is admirable. Watching them together brings us a lot of joy.”

He then touched upon a personal piece of music he crafted for his daughter, revealing, “There’s a track on my upcoming album dedicated to my daughter titled ‘Kiss The Bride.’ She’s yet to hear it, but I’m convinced it’ll be the go-to wedding song for generations.”

Regarding the prospect of performing at their wedding, the rock icon mentioned, “I’ll follow their lead, but should they ask, I’ll definitely be ready to deliver a musical performance.”

Jon Bon Jovi previously expressed his support for Jake and Millie’s early engagement during a chat with Andy Cohen in May 2023, underlining the significance of evolving together in a partnership. Despite some questioning the couple’s young age for such a commitment, Jon Bon Jovi’s stance was supportive, “The essence is in growing together, and if you’ve found someone you can do that with, age becomes irrelevant. I see that my children have chosen partners for that very journey, and we’re fond of each of them. Millie is a delight, and her family is exceptional. Jake is profoundly content.”

Millie Bobby Brown, in her discussion with The Sunday Times in August 2023, expressed how much Jon Bon Jovi’s approval meant to her, emphasizing the warmth and acceptance she’s received from the Bongiovi family, “They are incredible people who have embraced me wholeheartedly. I feel incredibly lucky to be embraced into their lives.”

The couple, who have been together since 2021 and announced their engagement in April 2023, continues to cherish their relationship privately. In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily in August 2023, Brown emphasized her desire to keep their wedding plans away from the public eye, advocating for the sanctity and personal nature of such significant life events.

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