Justin Hawkins Thinks Sleep Token’s Success Gives Hope For Rock Music’s Future

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In a recent video on his YouTube channel, ‘Now This Is F***king Cool,’ The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins openly shared his admiration for Sleep Token, recognizing their significant impact on the future of rock music.

Hawkins, praising Sleep Token’s unique qualities, highlighted the allure of their anonymity and the challenging nature of their music. He commended the band for exploring diverse dynamics, describing their work as not just harmonically rich but also dynamically rich, a rare combination in the music landscape.

Emphasizing Sleep Token’s mass appeal within the rock music community, Hawkins noted the encouraging trend of their music being embraced by a broad audience. He specifically referred to those who genuinely care about guitar music, expressing delight in witnessing the average rock listener engaging with such complex musicality. Hawkins characterized Sleep Token’s work as progressive in the best possible way.

Beyond his role as an artist, Justin Hawkins, speaking from the perspective of a music enthusiast, found inspiration in Sleep Token’s success. He underscored the positive shift in how people are understanding and appreciate music, celebrating the fact that intricate and tasteful compositions are gaining widespread recognition.

Amy Lee of Evanescence echoed similar sentiments in a December 2023 interview with Revolver. Sharing her admiration for Sleep Token’s creativity and versatility, Lee marveled at their ability to navigate various musical directions within a single song. She praised the band’s mysterious and mask-wearing approach during performances, appreciating how it shifts the focus back to the music itself in today’s music scene.

In essence, Sleep Token’s enigmatic style, coupled with their musical prowess, has garnered praise from influential figures like Justin Hawkins and Amy Lee, highlighting the band’s significant impact on the evolving landscape of rock music.

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