Justin Hawkins Thinks Josh Freese Joining Foo Fighters Was ‘Bittersweet’

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In a recent episode of his YouTube series, Justin Hawkins, the vocalist of The Darkness, expressed his admiration for Josh Freese, the new drummer of the Foo Fighters.

Justin Hawkins couldn’t help but praise Freese’s extraordinary talent, noting his impressive mastery of the songs, impeccable groove, powerful presence, and striking appearance with his full head of hair, muscular arms, and beautiful face.

Reflecting on their experience playing together at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert, Hawkins revealed that although the decision to bring Freese on board was the right one, it carried a bittersweet sentiment. He acknowledged Freese’s impressive tenure with Nine Inch Nails, emphasizing that being part of such a renowned band required sheer greatness, a quality Freese undeniably possessed.

While acknowledging the preference for Taylor Hawkins to still be with them, Hawkins considered Freese a brilliant choice to fill the void left by his absence.

The anticipation among fans grew as the Foo Fighters prepared to resume their touring activities. During a recent live stream titled ‘Preparing Music for Concerts,’ the band introduced their new drummer, Josh Freese, formerly of Nine Inch Nails.

As fans eagerly await the release of the Foo Fighters’ upcoming album, ‘But Here We Are,’ on June 2nd, they are not only filled with excitement but also experience a range of emotions as they pay tribute to their late drummer, Taylor Hawkins while embracing the arrival of Freese as the newest member of the band.

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