Kerry King Cuts Off Contact With Tom Araya: ‘Not Even A Text’

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In a revealing conversation with Rolling Stone, Kerry King opened up about the silence between him and Tom Araya since Slayer’s final performance in 2019, leaving fans wondering if there’s a chance for them to reconcile.

King admitted that there’s been zero communication with Araya, not even a simple message:

“We haven’t exchanged a single text or email.”

However, he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of talking again, mentioning he’s kept in touch with other band members in various ways:

“I’ve been in contact with the rest of the band through calls, texts, or emails. I’d probably reply if Tom reached out, depending on why he’s contacting me, but it’s not like I have any ill will towards him right now.”

King even entertained the idea of sharing a moment with Araya, given their shared interest in tequila:

“Would I spend time with Tom? We both enjoy tequila, and I’m particularly fond of it, so sure, I’d have a drink with him. But that’s about it. We’re just too different. Despite our differences, we created incredible music and put on an amazing show together.”

Diving into why Araya might have stepped back, King suggested:

“It probably came down to the toll of touring. He seemed to prefer being at home. We’re not the type to seek out the limelight, especially not Tom. Jeff [Hanneman] was even more reclusive. Fame isn’t something I seek out, but it’s necessary for someone in the band to take on that role.”

After Slayer’s grand finale in Los Angeles in November 2019, any talk of a reunion was promptly dismissed by King’s wife, Ayesha, stating the band wouldn’t be getting back together for shows.

Araya had previously mentioned considering retirement back in 2016, highlighting the difficulties of juggling touring with family life. His physical health, including undergoing neck surgery which affected his ability to headbang, also played a role in diminishing his live performance enjoyment.

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