Kerry King Kept Slayer Reunion As A Secret From His Solo Band, Phil Demmel Confirms

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Phil Demmel, guitarist in Kerry King’s new solo band, was caught off guard by Slayer’s sudden reunion announcement. In a recent interview, he admitted, “Yeah, it caught me off guard. I didn’t know anything about it.”

Demmel was surprised because the Slayer reunion news came out right after King’s solo project was announced. “To have a Slayer gig announced before we’ve even played a show [with Kerry King’s solo band] was really weird to me,” he said.

While understanding the decision is ultimately up to Slayer, Demmel says he’s come to terms with it. “Slayer’s none of my business… I had questions when I first heard, and they were answered. I’m a hundred percent at peace with everything that’s happening.”

Not a Full Tour (Yet)

While fans initially hoped Slayer was back on tour, it turns out the reunion is currently limited to a few dates. Gary Holt’s wife, Lisa Holt, clarified this on Facebook.

For now, Slayer has only confirmed two festival appearances:

  1. Riot Fest in Chicago on September 22nd
  2. Louder Than Life festival in Louisville, Kentucky on September 27th
  3. The band hints at potential future dates, but for now, it’s a limited comeback.

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