Kerry King Shuts Down Hopes For The Future Of Slayer

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Kerry King has unequivocally dismissed any notions of a Slayer reunion.

In a recent discussion with Total Guitar, the renowned Slayer guitarist set the record straight regarding the prospects of the band regrouping:

“Contrary to popular belief, Slayer is not making a comeback. We’ve been declining offers for gigs ever since we called it quits. This particular opportunity arose, and I thought, ‘If there’s ever a time for one more, perhaps this could be it, given it marks the fifth anniversary of our final tour.'”

When pressed about the possibility of new material, King offered a definitive stance:

“We’ve shelved any plans for recording. Our farewell tour truly marked the end of an era. This is simply a chance for the guys to have some fun, play a few gigs, and then bid farewell once more…”

In a separate conversation with Classic Rock, King delved into the dynamics of his solo endeavor, juxtaposing it against his tenure with Slayer. When questioned about competition, particularly in his solo career, King maintained that his only rival was his former band:

“I suppose it’s Slayer, as that’s been my life’s work. There’s always this expectation of failure, regardless of who you are. It’s on me to either maintain consistency or surpass my past achievements.”

Explaining his deliberate choice to exclude Slayer members from his solo project, King elucidated his strategic approach in an interview. He revealed why he opted against recruiting Gary Holt, citing concerns about the project being perceived as a Slayer redux:

“At one point, I leaned towards bringing Gary Holt onboard for my next venture. However, I realized that the more Slayer elements I incorporate, the more it risks being labeled ‘Slayer Lite.’ While it’s inevitable that my signature style will resonate, minimizing direct associations with Slayer curtails lazy comparisons.”

Despite acknowledging Holt’s suitability, King highlighted his apprehensions about public perception:

“Gary Holt was undoubtedly the right choice, especially after Hanneman. But the burden of people’s perceptions weighs heavy, and I preferred to sidestep that issue.

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