Lzzy Hale Responds To Jon Bon Jovi’s Request Over Skid Row

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Lzzy Hale of Halestorm recently received a noteworthy message from Jon Bon Jovi regarding her potential involvement with Skid Row. Bon Jovi’s endorsement came during a Rock Sound interview,

where he entertained questions from various rockers, including Hale. When her name arose, Bon Jovi promptly suggested that she consider joining Skid Row as a permanent member:

“Please, Lizzy Hale, join Skid Row. Merge the two bands if needed, but this could be the best thing to happen to Snake since he met me.”

Hale took to Instagram to express her gratitude for Bon Jovi’s endorsement, acknowledging it as both a compliment and an honor:

“What a flattering compliment and a tremendous piece of advice! Thank you for your kind words and straightforwardness, Jon Bon Jovi.”

Despite the endorsement, Hale clarified in a subsequent Instagram post that she wouldn’t be joining Skid Row permanently, citing other commitments now that her tour with Halestorm had concluded. Nevertheless, she expressed a hopeful outlook for potential collaborations in the future:

While my current schedule doesn’t allow for a permanent role in Skid Row, I’m putting it out into the universe that we may join forces again someday.”

Hale’s response underscores both her appreciation for Bon Jovi’s suggestion and her commitment to her existing endeavors, leaving the door open for future collaborations with Skid Row or other musical ventures.

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