Mark Tremonti Explains Why He Didn’t Pay Much Attention To Scott Stapp’s Solo Works

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In a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar, Mark Tremonti discussed his perspective on Scott Stapp’s solo endeavors, shedding light on the dynamics within Creed.

When asked about his awareness of Stapp’s solo musical ventures, Tremonti admitted to being preoccupied with his own musical pursuits. He acknowledged the tendency to become ensconced in his own musical world, confessing to having little time for exploring external projects due to his rigorous focus on his own craft. Despite this, he expressed admiration for Stapp’s recent work, particularly highlighting a collaboration with Dorothy on the track “If These Walls Could Talk.”

Interestingly, Tremonti expressed a desire to incorporate some of Stapp’s solo material into Creed’s upcoming tour, recognizing the value in showcasing a diverse range of songs to their audience.

Speaking of their reunion after 12 years, Tremonti revealed Creed’s plans for their forthcoming tours. Eager to reintroduce lesser-known tracks to their repertoire, they aim to infuse their sets with fresh energy and explore songs from their entire discography, including those from their 2009 album ‘Full Circle.’ Additionally, Tremonti hinted at the band’s intentions to create new music, signaling a promising future for Creed beyond their reunion tour.

With their highly anticipated 2024 Summer of ’99 tour set to kick off in July, Creed is poised to embark on a nostalgic journey, revisiting their iconic hits while paving the way for new musical adventures.

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