Mick Mars Calls Eddie Van Halen The Best Guitarist Of Sunset Trip: “No One Can Ever Duplicate Him”

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In a recent interview with “Rock Of Nations,” hosted by Dave Kinchen and Shane McEachern, guitarist Mick Mars reflected on his experiences in the vibrant music scene of the Sunset Strip.

He recalled encountering other legendary guitarists like Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen during those formative years.

Mars shared anecdotes about seeing Randy Rhoads perform with Quiet Riot at the Starwood club, admiring his skill and not being surprised when he joined forces with Ozzy Osbourne.

He reminisced about the early days with Eddie Van Halen, noting that while they weren’t close friends, they shared memorable moments joking around.

Mars spoke highly of his peers, expressing deep respect for their talents. He emphasized the uniqueness of Eddie Van Halen’s playing style, comparing it to the lasting influence of Jimi Hendrix. Mars pointed out that although many have tried to imitate these guitar legends, true originality in music comes from an individual’s unique connection with their instrument.

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