Ozzy Osbourne To Undergo Another ‘Serious’ Surgery: “I’m In A Lot Of Pain”

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The Osbourne clan has made their much-anticipated comeback, staying true to their word. During the premiere of their new family podcast, the iconic Ozzy Osbourne opened up about his prevailing health conditions. Regrettably, the update wasn’t particularly uplifting.

The revered Prince of Darkness delved into the details of an impending fourth surgical procedure, a direct result of the 2019 mishap. His apprehension regarding the upcoming operation was evident:

“My lower back’s acting up, and they’re prepping me for an epidural. Recent medical examinations show that while my neck’s healing, two of the vertebrae below it were obliterated during the bike mishap. They’re practically non-existent now. To be honest, I’m in the dark about the doctors’ game plan.”

Capturing his current physical ordeal, Ozzy remarked:

“Right now, the pain is almost overwhelming.”

From 2019 onward, Ozzy Osbourne has been battling grave health challenges that prompted him to take a hiatus from his celebrated music journey. His hesitation to embark on tours again is rooted in his concern about letting down his loyal fans.

In that fateful year, 2019, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and also underwent an operation post a grievous accident at his residence. In a distinct conversation, his wife and confidante, Sharon Osbourne, shed light on their family’s strenuous journey:

“We’ve all been through the wringer.”

In a 2020 dialogue, Ozzy detailed the surgical process and its imperativeness:

“Post-surgery, my arm felt numb, and my legs would bizarrely turn cold. I can’t pinpoint if it’s linked to Parkinson’s or another issue, but it’s baffling. The surgery entailed nerve incisions, and I had never experienced nerve pain. It’s an uncanny sensation.”

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