Mike Portnoy On James LaBrie: ‘Best Part Of Dream Theater Reunion’

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In a heartfelt tribute marking James LaBrie’s birthday, Mike Portnoy took to Instagram to underscore the profound joy of rekindling their friendship amid their reunion with Dream Theater. Sharing a poignant throwback photo of the duo, Portnoy expressed gratitude for the opportunity to reminisce over decades of shared experiences and eagerly anticipate the musical journey ahead.

“Happy Birthday James LaBrie! One of the greatest gifts of reuniting with DT is the rekindled friendship with JLB! We’ve been relishing every moment together, revisiting our shared history and brimming with excitement for the adventures ahead with the new album and upcoming tour. Here’s to you, James!”

Reflecting on their journey to reconciliation, LaBrie emphasized the necessity of confronting past grievances and transcending negativity. In a candid interview, he candidly addressed the tumultuous years of estrangement, acknowledging the burdensome weight of unresolved issues:

“At some point, we all reach a crossroads where we must confront the baggage weighing us down and choose to move forward. Mike and I had our share of drama over the years, but we realized it was time to bury the hatchet and embrace a brighter path. It’s about transcending negativity and emerging stronger for it.”

In a more recent conversation, LaBrie shed light on the emotional complexity that once hindered their reconciliation, recognizing their shared intensity as both a blessing and a challenge:

“Mike and I, we’re both passionate souls. Our emotions often ran high, creating barriers that kept us apart. But when we finally came face to face, it was like a weight had been lifted. I reached out, embraced him, and that was it. We were grateful it happened.”

With their friendship rekindled and past grievances put to rest, Portnoy and LaBrie stand united, poised to embark on a new chapter filled with music, camaraderie, and boundless possibility.

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