Mike Portnoy: ‘I’ve Probably Dreamt About 100 Times About What It Would Be Like To Be Back In Dream Theater’

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In an interview, Mike Portnoy elaborated on his return to DREAM THEATER after 13 years, attributing it to mended relationships, especially with guitarist John Petrucci. This improvement was helped by their collaboration during COVID lockdowns, including playing on Petrucci’s solo album and a LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT album. Another key factor was Portnoy’s reconciliation with singer James LaBrie, marking the end of over a decade of silence after their meeting at a 2022 concert in New York.

Portnoy spoke highly of Mike Mangini, his successor, praising Mangini’s graceful handling of the transition. He also mentioned the need to adapt to DREAM THEATER’s changed internal structure, ready to compromise and collaborate more than before.

Lastly, Portnoy shared plans for a new DREAM THEATER album, after completing tours with other bands and artists. He expressed enthusiasm about returning to the stage with DREAM THEATER and reconnecting with the fanbase. Portnoy’s return signifies a pivotal moment in the band’s history, highlighting personal growth, restored relationships, and a continuous passion for music.

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