Mötley Crüe Announce First New Song After Mick Mars’ Departure

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Mötley Crüe has made headlines with the revelation of their latest track, ‘Dogs of War,’ marking a significant milestone in their journey since Mick Mars’ departure.

The band’s social media platforms erupted with anticipation as they unveiled a striking image portraying the members transformed into zombie-like figures amidst a post-apocalyptic backdrop. Nikki Sixx echoed the excitement with a poignant message on his official account, heralding the dawn of a new era:

“The return of Mötley Crüe signals the onset of an exhilarating new chapter with our latest single ‘Dogs of War.’ Now available for pre-order! Set to hit all platforms on April 26th. Big Machine Records proudly embraces the world’s most notorious band. Link in bio.”

With the release date set for Friday, April 26th, the promotional image, bathed in a haunting yellow hue, bears the band’s name alongside the title of the new anthem. Sixx further teased fans with his enthusiasm for the track, sharing his satisfaction during a recent rehearsal:

“‘Dogs of War’ sounded phenomenal during today’s rehearsal.”

In a groundbreaking move, Mötley Crüe also revealed their alliance with Big Machine Records, a development underscored by a shared post on social media. The record label’s announcement heralded the triumphant return of the iconic band, setting the stage for a thrilling comeback:

“Big Machine Records proudly presents the resurgence of ‘The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band,’ Mötley Crüe! This marks the inception of an electrifying new era for the legendary Crüe! Pre-save their latest single, ‘Dogs of War,’ NOW! Available on April 26th. This release signals the thrilling resurgence of the iconic group, marking their first original material since 2019. Pre-save now at the link in bio!”

The anticipation for new music from Mötley Crüe has been mounting, with ‘Dogs of War’ representing another collaboration with guitarist John 5, who contributed to three tracks on ‘The Dirt’ movie soundtrack. The addition of John 5 to the lineup in 2022, following Mick Mars’ retirement from touring due to health concerns, has injected fresh energy into the band’s creative process.

As the band gears up for a string of high-profile performances this spring and summer, including appearances at Welcome To Rockville, Festival D’été De Québec, Louder Than Life, and Aftershock, fans can expect an electrifying showcase of their enduring legacy. With their next show scheduled for May 3rd in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Sixx emphasizes the benefits of short tours, ensuring the band remains active and engaged with their audience throughout the year.

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