Nikki Sixx On Mötley Crüe Business: ‘It’s Getting Harder And Harder For Me’

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Nikki Sixx recently engaged with fans during one of his frequent Twitter conversations, touching upon the much-discussed topic of a potential revival of the SixxAm radio show and podcast. Despite a strong fanbase eager to see this project come to life again, Sixx shared that his current commitments make it challenging to dedicate time to SixxAm.

His focus has shifted towards balancing his career with his personal life, emphasizing the importance of family time over being on the road with Motley Crue or any other project.

“I’m really stretched thin these days and can’t allocate the time SixxAm deserves. It was a fantastic journey, but with Motley and my family, my plate is full. I’m trying to minimize my time away from home,” he explained.

Sixx also highlighted the personal sacrifices that come with touring, noting the increasing difficulty of being away from loved ones. This sentiment reflects a broader truth that fans must come to terms with: rock stars, like anyone else, evolve and prioritize family as they mature, moving away from the relentless pace of their youth.

Regarding Mötley Crüe’s upcoming performances, Sixx revealed plans for a limited tour, comprising only 20 shows this year. He sought feedback from fans on their willingness to attend and preferred locations, hinting at the band’s effort to cater to their audience while managing a more selective touring schedule.

“We’re keeping it tight this year with just 20 shows. Who’s planning to catch us live, and where should we make sure to stop? Excited to headline some amazing festivals,” he mentioned.

This approach has evidently resonated well with Mötley Crüe’s fanbase, indicating a strong demand for the band’s live performances despite the scaled-back tour plan. Fans appear ready to support their favorite band, proving that the allure of Mötley Crüe on stage remains undiminished.


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