Nikki Sixx Shares Sad Announcement About SixxAM

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During a recent Q&A session on X, Nikki Sixx dropped a bombshell: Sixx:A.M. is officially hitting pause on both music-making and touring.

A curious fan piped up, asking the bassist, “Nikki, will Sixx:A.M. ever grace Buenos Aires with their presence?”

To everyone’s dismay, Nikki’s response was unequivocal: “Sixx:A.M. has called it a day.”

The shockwave rippled through the comments section like a sonic boom. One devastated fan summed it up with a simple yet poignant “NO NO NO” accompanied by a sorrowful emoji, while another lamented, “I audibly sighed and visibly frowned.”

The band’s swan song came with their latest album, ‘Hits,’ which dropped in August 2021. But the journey to this bittersweet conclusion was paved with promises of new music and a greatest hits album. In March 2019, Sixx teased four fresh tracks and a compilation of their best works. ‘Talk to Me’ hit the airwaves in September 2019, followed by a remix of ‘Maybe It’s Time’ for Artists for Recovery in August 2020.

Amidst the anticipation, James Michael, the band’s vocalist, hinted at a looming finale. In an interview with Metal On Loud in October 2021, he candidly shared their intentions: “We were looking at it [the ‘Hits’ album] as ‘This is the end, at least for now.’ …We really wanted to… wrap this up and put a nice bow on it.” DJ Ashba echoed similar sentiments in 2022, casting doubt on the band’s future endeavors.

For now, Sixx:A.M. bids farewell with ‘Hits,’ a testament to their journey and a poignant conclusion to an era of musical camaraderie. But as they say, never say never in the unpredictable world of rock ‘n’ roll.

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