Nita Strauss ‘No One Has Time For The Rockstar Bulls—t, Especially The Audience’

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In a recent tweet, Nita Strauss discussed the importance of the relationship between musicians and their stage crew.

A fan had shared a quote from Henry Rollins emphasizing that artists should respect the stage crew, follow their instructions, and avoid diva behavior. The fan tagged both Alice Cooper and Strauss, asking:

“I know this isn’t you guys, but how true is this? You’ve been doing this a long time. Just curious.

“It’s a little of both! I think in this day and age no one has time for the rockstar bullsh*t, least of all the audience! It’s the stage manager’s job to make sure the fans – the reason we get to do this – have the best experience possible and get us on stage on time. So we listen.”

She went on to highlight the importance of having a caring and respectful crew that values both the artist and the show. Given that band members and their crew spend more time together than with their families, mutual respect is crucial.

Strauss’ Upcoming Plans

Strauss mentioned her good relationship with her stage manager, Drew, illustrating how a strong bond between the band and crew can lead to great shows. Currently, she’s focused on her next albums following last year’s ‘The Call of the Void.’

In a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar’s Justin Beckner, Strauss shared her plans for future projects. When asked about potential collaborations, she said:

“I think, on the next record, I just want to go further in both directions. I would love to do something more mainstream; maybe it’s with someone like Demi [Lovato], which would be a dream come true, or somebody like Pink. And then I want to do something heavy because the stuff that I listen to on my own time is pretty heavy.”

She also expressed a desire not to wait five years between albums again. While touring makes it challenging to come up with new ideas, she plans to carve out time for creativity.

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