Nita Strauss Thinks Demi Lovato Is A Rock Star Just Like Alice Cooper

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Alice Cooper’s former guitar heroine, Nita Strauss, isn’t just surviving after her high-profile switch to Demi Lovato – she’s thriving. In a new interview, she opens up about why Lovato’s rock edge is as real as Alice’s, and how she’s on a mission beyond just playing killer riffs.

“Demi’s a Rock Star, Period.”

“You think it was a weird jump, but it wasn’t,” Strauss insists. “Demi wanted a heavier sound, and her ‘Holy Fvck’ album proves it. We played full-on rock shows, no compromises. She gets her fans, just like Alice always did.”

The move wasn’t some sell-out moment for Strauss. It’s about inspiring a new crowd, especially girls, to embrace guitar-driven music. “If we can get a whole new generation picking up guitars because of what we do, that’s the ultimate win,” she says.

Nita doesn’t just talk the talk. She loved the all-female line-up for Lovato’s tour, and the fact that the crew was a balanced mix of men and women. Plus, after years in the party-hard touring scene, the sober atmosphere was a welcomed shift.

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