Wolfgang Van Halen Confirms Only David Lee Roth Has Right To Perform VAN HALEN’s Classic Songs Live

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Wolfgang Van Halen, during an interview with Arizona’s KFMA radio, shared his thoughts on David Lee Roth performing Van Halen songs with his solo band.

He acknowledged Roth’s contribution to the band, stating, “He has all the right in the world to play the Van Halen songs he was a part of.” However, Wolfgang also noted the broader scope of the band’s catalog beyond Roth’s involvement, suggesting it might be inappropriate to consider Roth as the definitive face of Van Halen.

Meanwhile, Roth, while discussing his Las Vegas residency with Phoenix’s KSLX radio, reflected on his future as a solo artist. He hinted at Eddie Van Halen’s absence, saying Eddie is “probably not gonna answer the bell this time.” Roth declared himself as the likely representative of Van Halen’s legacy moving forward.

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