Ozzy Osbourne Targets Kanye West: ‘I Want No Association With This Man’

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Recently, Ozzy Osbourne criticized Kanye West on social media for unauthorized use of his music. This incident unfolded at a Chicago event, where Kanye West, alongside Ty Dolla $ign, was showcasing their new work ‘Vultures’. Ozzy revealed that Kanye had sought permission to use a segment from his 1983 ‘Iron Man’ live performance at the US Festival, but was denied due to Kanye’s controversial remarks and behavior. Despite this, Kanye proceeded to use the sample in his listening party, prompting Ozzy to publicly disassociate from him.

In response to the infringement, Ozzy, along with his wife Sharon Osbourne, who is of Jewish descent, took legal measures. Sharon expressed her outrage and personal investment in the matter through various media outlets, including a notable comment to TMZ about the serious implications of Kanye’s actions. The Osbournes sent a cease and desist letter to Kanye’s team, with Sharon suggesting further actions might follow if necessary.

The situation is particularly sensitive for the Osbournes due to Sharon’s Jewish heritage and Kanye’s history of making anti-Semitic statements. Sharon’s comments to Billboard highlighted a firm stance against associating with individuals who propagate hate. She dismissed excuses for Kanye’s behavior, emphasizing the unacceptable nature of spreading hatred.

Kanye West has been a controversial figure, especially after his comments in 2022 praising Adolf Hitler and making threats against Jewish people. Despite apologizing for these remarks towards the end of 2023, his actions have led to severed ties with several brands. His recent performance, where he revisited some of his past comments, resulted in the live feed of the event being cut off, underscoring the ongoing controversy surrounding his actions and statements.

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