Sharon Osbourne announces Ozzy museum in Birmingham

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Sharon Osbourne has announced plans for a museum dedicated to Ozzy Osbourne in his hometown of Birmingham. Previously, in 2019, an exhibit titled “Black Sabbath 50 Years” was showcased at the Birmingham Music & Art Gallery. Now, it’s Ozzy’s turn.

During a recent episode of The Osbournes Podcast, Sharon shared with her children, Kelly and Jack, her efforts in gathering Ozzy’s memorabilia for this new venture in Birmingham.

When questioned by Jack about Ozzy’s potential move back to Birmingham, Sharon clarified that while he isn’t relocating, the museum will house his awards, stage outfits, and vintage posters, among other items. She excitedly noted how much material she has already collected.

Describing Birmingham, Sharon said it’s transformed, even going as far as to call it “the UK’s heartbeat” due to its vibrant populace.

Delving into the museum’s features, Sharon revealed an interactive approach. It’ll encompass all videos, live performances, and more related to Ozzy. The intent is to inspire budding musicians and artists, showing them that with perseverance and hard work, success is attainable.

Additionally, the museum will feature a café and music instruments for students. With a decline in school music programs, Sharon hopes to offer music classes, bringing in various artists for lessons and guidance.

In a related tidbit, a massive mechanical bull, which became a centerpiece during the 2022 Commonwealth Games, was christened ‘Ozzy’ in honor of the rock icon, thanks to public voting. On July 26th, this installation was inaugurated at Birmingham’s New Street station, graced by Sharon and Ozzy’s sister, Jean.

Recently, Birmingham also celebrated the legendary band with “Black Sabbath – The Ballet” at the Birmingham Hippodrome. The event saw Tony Iommi performing ‘Paranoid’, and notable attendees included Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, ELO’s Bev Bevan, Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath, and of course, Sharon herself.

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