Paul Stanley Has A Valid Excuse To Use Backing Vocals, Sebastian Bach Explains

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Sebastian Bach, the former lead vocalist of Skid Row, recently addressed rumors about Paul Stanley from KISS using backing tracks during performances. In a YouTube video released on September 3, Bach came to Stanley’s defense, particularly regarding Stanley’s potential lip-syncing.

Bach expressed understanding for older performers like Stanley, who, at 72, still dons tall monster boots and elaborate costumes, even flying across stages. He indicated a level of acceptance for older artists using technology to enhance their performances. However, he drew a line at younger bands, particularly those in their early 20s, relying on click tracks and pre-recorded vocals, expressing his disapproval of this practice.

Reiterating his stance, Bach emphasized that while he might tolerate the use of technology by aging rock stars like Stanley to maintain the quality of their shows, he wouldn’t condone younger bands taking the same approach. He believes that veteran artists deserve some leeway in delivering performances that meet audience expectations.

In response to the speculations about Stanley’s lip-syncing, representatives and the manager of KISS have consistently denied these claims, asserting that Stanley performs live without relying on backing tracks.

The question of whether Stanley actually uses backing vocals remains a topic of debate among fans and may become a legendary mystery as KISS concludes their farewell tour, possibly marking the end of Stanley’s live performances.

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