Paul Stanley Responds To ‘Unnecessary’ Backlash Over KISS Avatars

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In a recent interview with The Allison Hagendorf Show, Paul Stanley addressed the criticism surrounding KISS avatars.

Stanley explained how the avatar shows would differ from traditional KISS concerts:

“We want to create something that’s a go-to and a must-see for everybody. KISS fans will love it, but even those who aren’t fans will want to see it. It’s going to be mind-boggling.”

Stanley elaborated on the ambitious scope of the project:

“It’s KISS and Cirque du Soleil and everything you can imagine on steroids. It will really blur the lines between what’s real and what’s not, combining the two… It will be incredible.”

He emphasized their unique vision for the avatars:

The idea that we’re going to simulate a live show—leave that to somebody else. We have no desire to do that. We want to create KISS, which is something that breaks the rules, not lives within them.”

Paul’s Previous Comments on Avatars

This isn’t the first time Stanley has defended the KISS avatars. At their final show at Madison Square Garden on December 2, the band announced their transition to digital performances. In January, Stanley explained the concept further:

“One thing that’s interesting is people, perhaps understandably, got the wrong impression initially of the avatars. At the Garden shows, we wanted to give people a glimpse of some of the things, or one of the things, that’s to come.”

Stanley clarified that the avatars are not intended to replace the band members:

“But the avatars are really in their infancy. They’re far from where they’ll end up in terms of look and purpose. The purpose, ultimately, is not that we’re being replaced by flying avatars. It’s just another way of diversifying what KISS is.”

Developed with the help of Industrial Light & Magic and funded by Sweden’s Pophouse Entertainment, the KISS avatars are set to debut in digital avatar shows starting in 2027.

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