Ronnie Radke: ‘Death Metal Dudes Are Soft’

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Ronnie Radke, the frontman of Falling In Reverse, has once again found himself in the spotlight for engaging in a public spat, this time targeting the death metal community. The dispute began with an exchange between Radke and Devin Swank of Sanguisugabogg. Radke escalated the situation by calling out Sanguisugabogg on X (formerly Twitter), accusing them of avoiding a face-to-face conversation and resorting to threats of involving the police. Radke’s post provocatively questioned why they wouldn’t leave their tour bus to discuss matters, tagging the band’s account directly.

Not long after, Radke followed up with a tweet that broadened his critique to the entire death metal genre, labeling its musicians as overly sensitive. This comment stirred further controversy and underscored the animosity.

The root of the feud appears to stem from a series of hostile exchanges and challenges, including Radke’s invitation to Sanguisugabogg to open for Falling In Reverse, which quickly devolved into a war of words. Sanguisugabogg responded with references to Radke’s past controversies, prompting Radke to demand a public apology and to share screenshots of their private conversations.

Swank responded indirectly to the ongoing conflict, expressing his frustration with the constant online drama and his desire to focus on family time instead.

This incident is part of a pattern for Radke, who has a history of engaging in disputes with other figures in the metal scene. He previously entered the fray surrounding Machine Gun Kelly’s controversial razor-shaped guitar, defending MGK against accusations of promoting self-harm while simultaneously attacking critics. This led to a heated exchange with Mark Valentino of Stabbed, wherein Radke threatened physical violence, further fueling his reputation for confrontational behavior.

Sanguisugabogg’s response to Radke’s threats was to mockingly suggest a dramatic showdown, highlighting the tension between Radke and members of the death metal community. This ongoing saga between Radke and various metal artists continues to unfold, drawing attention to the volatile intersections of music, personality, and public discourse.

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