Ronnie Radke: ‘Disturbed Is The Best Band I’ve Ever Seen’

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Ronnie Radke, the dynamic frontman of Falling In Reverse, recently took to X to engage with fans and discuss various rock bands, offering insights into his musical preferences and experiences.

During an exchange with a fan who lamented missing a concert that featured David Draiman of Disturbed alongside Radke in Knoxville, Ronnie didn’t hesitate to express his admiration for Disturbed, describing them as the best live act he’s ever witnessed and promising an unforgettable experience to anyone attending their shows.

Draiman responded with gratitude to Radke’s generous praise. The conversation then shifted towards Pierce the Veil, prompting Radke to reminisce about a moment from 2007. Back then, while touring with Escape the Fate, he had a chance encounter with Pierce the Veil at a small venue, which left a lasting impression on him. Radke commended their dedication and acknowledged their well-deserved success over the past 16 years.

However, Radke’s sentiments were mixed when discussing Sleeping with Sirens. He candidly shared his reservations about their music and recounted an anecdote involving their guitarist’s decision to reject a lucrative deal due to newfound moral stances, despite a contrasting past behavior.

The conversation then veered towards Underøath, a band Radke holds in high regard. He praised them as a seminal influence in the hardcore metalcore scene of the 2000s, inspiring his own work and many others to experiment with synths and samples. For Radke, Underøath stands out as one of the top five bands, significant for their originality and impact on the genre.

Radke is known for his outspoken nature, freely offering both accolades and critiques of his peers. His recent comments on the current metal scene, in response to a statement from Enterprise Earth’s Travis Worland, highlighted a discrepancy he sees between the aggressive themes in some bands’ lyrics and their real-world personas, sparking further conversation among fans.

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