Ronnie Radke: I Have A Problem With Chris Cerulli Of Motionless In White

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Ronnie Radke, the charismatic frontman of Falling In Reverse, has found himself at odds with Chris Cerulli from Motionless In White, and he’s not holding back about it.

In a candid interview with Rock Feed, Radke addressed the ongoing tension between him and Cerulli. While clarifying that his grievances were specifically with the MIW singer, Radke made it clear that it wasn’t a generic band-wide issue. According to Radke, Cerulli’s silence on certain matters shouldn’t be misconstrued as indifference; rather, it’s a strategic choice akin to the infamous rap beefs between Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

However, the heart of Radke’s discontent with Cerulli extends beyond mere silence. He recounted an incident involving Crown The Empire, where Cerulli allegedly took swift action without fully investigating the situation, resulting in significant repercussions for the band. Radke expressed frustration at what he saw as unjust treatment, highlighting the importance of seeking truth before making judgments.

But Radke’s frustrations don’t end there. He also aired grievances about what he perceived as Motionless In White’s artistic plagiarism. Taking to social media platform X, Radke accused MIW of lifting elements from Falling In Reverse’s “Popular Monster” music video for their own work. Radke’s frustration stemmed from what he believed to be a lack of acknowledgment of inspiration, calling for greater transparency and recognition within the music industry.

Radke’s stance reflects a broader sentiment about crediting creative influences and avoiding artistic imitation without acknowledgment. As the debate unfolds, it prompts a larger conversation about integrity and authenticity in music creation.

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