Ronnie Radke Loves Trans People According To New Music Video With Jelly Roll

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Ronnie Radke’s latest music video for the song ‘All My Life,’ featuring Jelly Roll, takes a bold stance on inclusivity, embracing trans people and Western themes.

The video features LGBTQ influencers Blair White and Gabbi Tuft alongside Radke and Roll, emphasizing inclusivity in its casting. Radke announced the release of the track with a defiant message, addressing critics and emphasizing the video’s commitment to diversity:

“Hey pronouns for Palestine, I’d like to direct you to our new music video that I had 2 trans and 1 gay man in for inclusivity in that Saraya is also in and friends with so in reality we single-handedly have done more for the lgbtq than you will ever do sitting around complaining on Twitter with a flag in your bio check it out and sit on this finger and spin b*tch.”

In response, Blair White left a sarcastic comment, to which Radke responded with a flirtatious remark, acknowledging her attractiveness.

‘All My Life’ is a track from Falling in Reverse’s upcoming album ‘Popular Monster,’ set to release on August 16. Radke takes the lead on most verses and the catchy pop chorus, while Jelly Roll contributes vocals and provides a country-style flair. The song culminates in a powerful metal breakdown by Radke, showcasing the band’s diverse musical influences.

Radke has previously faced backlash from the LGBTQ community for controversial remarks about gender identity and pronouns. Despite this, ‘All My Life’ represents a step towards inclusivity and acceptance within the music industry.

The song follows ‘Ronald,’ featuring Tech N9ne and Alex Terrible, and precedes Falling In Reverse’s summer 2024 tour, The Popular MonsTOUR II: World Domination, kicking off on August 18. With supporting acts including Black Veil Brides, Dance Gavin Dance, and Tech N9ne, the tour promises to be a dynamic and electrifying experience for fans worldwide.

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