Ronnie Radke Mocks Ex-Falling In Reverse Drummer Making Less Money Than His Assistant

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In a recent Instagram story, Ronnie Radke stirred the pot by taking aim at his former Falling In Reverse bandmate, Ryan Seaman, comparing his earnings unfavorably to those of his assistant.

Accompanying an old photo featuring both Seaman and his assistant, Radke didn’t hold back in his caption, highlighting the stark income gap between the two. He expressed incredulity at Seaman’s apparent financial decline, prompting questions about how such a situation could occur. Notably, Radke made it clear that his sentiments were solely directed at Seaman, emphasizing his dissatisfaction with his former drummer’s current circumstances.

This public spat is just the latest development in an ongoing feud between Radke and Seaman. Last September, Seaman’s departure from I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (iDKHOW) was announced by bandmate Dallon Weekes via the band’s official channels. Weekes cited broken trust as the reason for Seaman’s dismissal, sparking further controversy.

Radke had previously taken to social media to accuse Seaman of theft and fraud against Weekes, tarnishing his reputation in the process. Despite mixed reactions from fans, Radke remained unapologetic, using every opportunity to reiterate his grievances against Seaman. Even Seaman’s Halloween costume, a harmless portrayal of a burglar, became fodder for Radke’s taunts, underscoring the deep-seated animosity between the two musicians.

As the feud continues to play out in the public eye, the divide between Radke and Seaman only seems to widen, leaving fans to wonder if reconciliation is even possible in the future.

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