Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Claims Being The First Rap And Metal Singer

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Ronnie Radke, the frontman of Falling In Reverse, recently sparked a debate on social media with his claim of being a pioneer in blending rap and metal music.

He posted a thought-provoking image featuring himself surrounded by a crowd, with a thought bubble reading, “Yes, you all are wrong,” highlighting his stance against conventional opinions. He captioned it: “Me in 2013 doing rap and metal my own way.”

This statement stirred diverse reactions among fans and critics. While some praised Radke’s unique vocal style, others pointed out predecessors in the genre, such as Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and Zack de la Rocha from Rage Against The Machine (RATM), highlighting their significant contributions well before Falling In Reverse’s emergence.

Radke’s journey with rap intertwines with his metal roots. He grew up on metal music but was deeply influenced by hip-hop, particularly Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic.”

This blend became evident in Falling In Reverse’s second album, ‘Fashionably Late,’ which merged metalcore with rap. Radke expressed his initial hesitation but ultimately felt proud of this fusion. His rap skills were first hinted at in their debut album and further showcased in live performances, a feature on Deuce’s album, and his solo rap mixtape, ‘Watch Me.’

This melding of genres reflects Radke’s diverse musical influences and his desire to push boundaries in his artistic expression.

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