Sam Bettley: Asking Alexandria Is Weird Without Ben Bruce

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In a candid conversation with Rock Sound, Sam Bettley delved into the aftermath of Ben Bruce’s departure from Asking Alexandria, shedding light on the band’s evolving dynamic in the absence of their former guitarist.

Reflecting on the transition, Bettley acknowledged the continued communication between the band and Bruce, highlighting the enduring bond despite the lineup change:

“Despite the void left by Ben’s departure, we’re still in touch with him every day. So, while the onstage dynamic may feel different for me, our connection remains strong offstage.”

However, Bettley couldn’t deny the noticeable shift in their live performances, particularly in their stage presence:

“It’s undeniably different now that Ben’s no longer with us. Our stage antics, characterized by energetic movement, have naturally evolved without him. We’ve become more conscious of our space, resulting in fewer accidental collisions during performances.”

Bruce’s decision to step away from Asking Alexandria, announced via Instagram stories in January, was met with understanding and support from both fans and bandmates alike. Expressing gratitude for the years of support, Bruce cited a need to prioritize his family as the driving force behind his departure.

Bettley previously touched on Bruce’s exit in an interview with El Planeta Del Rock, underscoring the band’s familial bond and their mutual understanding of Bruce’s decision. Describing the band as brothers who have grown together over 15 years, Bettley emphasized that Bruce’s departure was not a sudden upheaval for the band, but rather a decision they had been aware of for some time:

“While the specifics behind Ben’s departure may remain private, it’s not a seismic shift for us. We’ve known about his intentions for a while, and ultimately, family comes first. Our connection remains strong, and Ben continues to be an integral part of our brotherhood, even from afar.”

As Asking Alexandria navigates this new chapter, Bettley’s reflections underscore the band’s resilience and unwavering support for one another, both on and off the stage.

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