Sammy Hagar Now Regrets Getting Vaccinated For COVID

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Sammy Hagar has expressed regret over getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a recent Instagram video, Hagar hinted at not feeling well, captioning the post:

“I know I’m looking a mess but. Special announcement coming.”

In the comments, he elaborated on his condition and his regret about the vaccination:

“Not sure what all the facts are. But I definitely regret getting vaccinated because I got Covid anyway. Sh*t didn’t work for me anyway, but we live and we learn and try and do the right thing for the safety of ourselves, our family, and all those around us.”

Hagar Got Vaccinated Three Years Ago

Despite being vaccinated, Hagar still contracted COVID-19. Back in March 2021, he shared a video on Instagram receiving his second dose of the vaccine. Although he admitted to disliking shots, he got vaccinated to safely return to live performances:

“I dislike shots as much as anyone. But I want to get back to playing live concerts, traveling the world without putting anyone at any risk, my family, my friends, and myself included.”

Sammy’s Thoughts on the Pandemic

In September 2022, Hagar released an album with The Circle titled ‘Crazy Times,’ which reflects on the events of the pandemic. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he voiced his opinion on how the pandemic affected personal freedoms:

“Everyone is watching the guy on the bike instead of the f*cked-up sh*t happening in the streets. We always gravitate toward the big distraction, but f*ckin’ Covid was the big distraction. We all took our eye off the ball. The government just seemed to get away with murder. All of a sudden, everyone turned back into sheep because they were so afraid.”

He further commented:

“And I just think we lost our freedoms during that time. The government started pushing us around, telling us what you gotta do. ‘You gotta get shots, you gotta do this, you gotta do that. You can’t go here. You can’t go there. You gotta wear masks.’ Maybe all that was necessary, and I did get the vaccine, but I know more people that got COVID this year than last year, including myself.”

Previously, Hagar had urged fans to get vaccinated and emphasized the necessity of safety measures. At the time, he opted to implement rules for his shows rather than deliver public service messages about COVID-19 safety.

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