Sebastian Bach Blasts Fans Thrashing His New Solo Record

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In a flurry of tweets, Sebastian Bach didn’t hold back in addressing critics of his latest solo endeavor, ‘Child Within the Man.’

When Eddie Trunk praised the third track, ‘(Hold On) To The Dream,’ from the album, a fan raised concerns about Bach’s vocal quality. In response, Bach didn’t mince words, swiftly dismissing the critique and labeling the commenter as ignorant. Despite attempts to downplay the exchange, Bach remained steadfast in defending his artistic integrity.

As the debate unfolded, Bach continued to confront detractors, vehemently defending the merits of his new material. Refusing to be swayed by negativity, Bach doubled down on his confidence in the album’s success, particularly highlighting its widespread appeal evidenced by its online traction.

Amidst the criticism, there were moments of support, notably from Eddie Trunk, who hailed Bach’s solo efforts as “killer stuff.” Grateful for the endorsement, Bach expressed appreciation for Trunk’s acknowledgment, further cementing his belief in the album’s potential.

‘Bach ‘n’ Roll’ enthusiasts can anticipate the release of ‘Child Within the Man’ on May 10, marking Bach’s first full-length album since 2014’s ‘Give ‘Em Hell.’ With contributions from acclaimed guitarists John 5, Steve Stevens, and Orianthi, the album promises to be a dynamic addition to Bach’s extensive catalog. As Bach gears up for the North American leg of his tour, fans can expect a rejuvenated rock ‘n’ roll experience that defies expectations and keeps the spirit of music alive.

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