Michael Cartellone Sends A Message To Ted Nugent For A Reunion

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In an exclusive interview with Backstage Pass Rock-News, Michael Cartellone shed light on his amicable relationship with Ted Nugent.

Responding enthusiastically to inquiries about a possible Damn Yankees reunion, the drummer left no room for doubt, stating, “I’d jump at the chance today.”

Cartellone went on to emphasize the enduring camaraderie among the Damn Yankees members, revealing Nugent’s recent text message as evidence of their ongoing friendship. Despite their mutual desire to reunite, Cartellone acknowledged the logistical challenges posed by their busy schedules, lamenting the difficulty of finding a shared window of availability.

Reflecting on Nugent’s sentiments expressed during a 2022 conversation with Eddie Trunk on Trunk Nation, Cartellone echoed the singer’s optimism about the prospect of rekindling their musical partnership. Nugent’s remarks hinted at the lingering possibility of a reunion, citing the undeniable chemistry and musical prowess that characterized their past collaborations.

With Nugent scaling back on touring commitments and exploring new ventures like the Speakezy Rockouts series, the stage seems set for a potential Damn Yankees revival. While specifics remain uncertain, the prospect of a reunion remains tantalizingly within reach, fueled by a shared passion for music and a deep-rooted bond among the band members.

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