SEBASTIAN BACH Blasts SKID ROW, Says He Can ‘Name Every F*ing One’ Of Their ‘Nine’ Replacement Singers

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Sebastian Bach has taken a swipe at his former bandmates in SKID ROW, branding them as “f**** a****” and accusing them of having cycled through nine vocalists since his exit.

During his solo performance last night (Tuesday, June 4) at Saint Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, Michigan, the 56-year-old singer lashed out when a fan shouted “SKID ROW.” Bach retorted, “Yeah, that’s the band that kicked me out. Yeah, killer. Great.”

Later in the set, Bach singled out a fan wearing a SKID ROW shirt from an era that did not include him. Pointing to the shirt, he sarcastically remarked, “I’m fascinated by this shirt right here. Which singer is that? Seven? Eight? Nine? How do you even wear that? It’s ridiculous. Is that the guys from DRAGONFORCE or TNT? F** embarrassing.”

Footage of Bach’s comments was shared by The Video Vault.

Detroit photographer Brandon Nagy, covering the event for 106.7 WLLZ, posted a few photos and noted, “Last time I covered his show, he had a tantrum and kicked all the photographers out. So I stayed on the upper level this time. But he still interrupted his show to pick on people wearing SKID ROW shirts.”

In an interview with Joe Rock of 102.3 WBAB, Bach discussed the possibility of a SKID ROW reunion. He mentioned, “I do think it could happen, but it’s not up to me. They’re on their eighth or ninth replacement for me. There’s been a miscommunication I need to clear up, but right now, I’m focused on my career. I’ve got a new song on the radio, ‘What Do I Got To Lose?’ and it’s doing well. I’m not thinking about 1989 or 1991. I’m excited about new music and how people are reacting to it.”

Conversely, SKID ROW guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo ruled out a reunion with Bach in a recent podcast. “It’s not gonna happen. We’re happy with the way things are. It’s about being content with our situation. Rachel [Bolan] has taken the blame over the years, but it’s been a collective decision not to go back. We’ve been offered a lot of money, but our happiness is more important.”

The band’s current frontman, Erik Grönwall, recently left due to health issues related to leukemia. Bach hinted that there’s been some miscommunication preventing a reunion. “I found out something at the last KISS show that needs to be clarified. I need to communicate with them, but right now, I’m too busy with my new album and tour.”

Despite Bach’s apparent interest in a reunion, Sabo emphasized that the decision is about maintaining peace and happiness within the band. “We’ve been ripped apart by ex-members. We just want to play music and be happy. It’s not about the money. We want to keep our lives in balance.”

Bach, who was fired from SKID ROW in 1996, also expressed his ongoing frustrations during a Q&A session on The 80s Cruise, suggesting that a therapist might help resolve the issues. “There’s no reason we’re not together. I play with everyone else. Maybe a therapist could help us get back together.”

Bach’s desire for a reunion is tempered by the realities of past conflicts and a busy current schedule, but his enthusiasm for the idea remains evident.

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