SEBASTIAN BACH ‘Can Definitely See’ A SKID ROW Reunion Happening

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Sebastian Bach discussed his separation from SKID ROW in an interview with Metal Hammer magazine, expressing disappointment that his time with the band ended so soon. Despite the lack of collaboration since the mid-90s, he remains open to a reunion, fueled by the belief that it’s primarily a business issue preventing it. Bach pointed out the irony of receiving royalties for songs performed by both him and the current lineup, emphasizing a missed opportunity to reconnect with fans.

Recently, Erik Grönwall left SKID ROW to prioritize his health after a leukemia diagnosis, highlighting the band’s ongoing lineup changes since Bach’s departure. Bach has consistently voiced that there’s no substantial reason preventing a reunion, suggesting even the intervention of a therapist to mediate, similar to what other bands have done.

Conversations around reuniting have surfaced over the years, including during a potential collaboration around Bach’s autobiography release. However, disagreements and differing expectations have prevented any reunion. SKID ROW members, including Rachel Bolan and Dave “Snake” Sabo, have firmly stated their contentment with the current band dynamics, prioritizing personal happiness and unity over financial incentives for a reunion.

Despite various discussions and fleeting considerations of reuniting, both sides have their reasons, ranging from management issues to personal well-being, leaving little hope for a reunion despite Bach’s openness to the idea.

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