Sebastian Bach Confirms Reunion Shows With An Ex-Skid Row Member

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Sebastian Bach has sparked excitement among fans by reuniting with a former Skid Row bandmate, hinting at potential collaborations and tour plans.

During a recent interview with 95.5 KLOS, the renowned vocalist discussed the possibility of touring following the release of his latest single. While affirming plans with his current band, Bach revealed a budding connection with Rob Affuso, Skid Row’s former drummer, who appeared in Bach’s music video. Expressing interest in joining forces, Bach shared discussions about incorporating Affuso into his current band for an upcoming South American tour alongside Mr. Big.

This reunion isn’t the first time Bach and Affuso have teased musical ventures together. In a playful exchange on social media, the duo hinted at forming a new band dubbed ‘HARD2WORKWITH,’ reflecting their shared history and camaraderie.

Affuso, the sole ex-member of Skid Row to maintain relationships with all former bandmates, has expressed hopes for a full-scale reunion. Reflecting on the significance of their shared experiences, Affuso remains optimistic about the potential for reconciliation and the opportunity to create new music together.

As fans eagerly anticipate the outcome of these discussions, the prospect of Bach and Affuso joining forces once again offers a glimpse into the enduring bonds of rock ‘n’ roll brotherhood.

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